About Us

Our Experience

We work with organizations ranging from small businesses, manufacturers, service organizations, the military and  government agencies. Our award winning staff have helped organizations achieve World Class Excellence. We've also helped organizations move from a dysfunctional bullying culture to find long-term success. 

Our credentials include:

  • Building an organization from the ground up that placed 14th out of 100  in Training Magazine's annual ranking of Fortune 500 training companies for the company's commitment to employee development and innovative classroom and online training  
  • The ASTD Best award 
  • Continuously working across the U.S. and worldwide improving organizational results and cultures
  • Malcolm Baldrige Examiners and Trainers at the National and the State level
  • ASQ Certified Quality Manager/ Organizational Excellence and Certified Auditor
  • Implementation of ISO, Six Sigma, Lean and TPS
  • Degree in Psychology with a continuous study of organizational culture and how to change it

Our Approach

We build success by getting to know you. Every organization is unique and we understand how organizational culture works. We develop success together by building the training you need organically, from the inside, working with you, your staff, your leadership, and your culture. 

Why Us?

 Our award winning consulting group have a proven track record of solving difficult business and cultural problems. Our curriculum is customized to your organizational problems, needs, and goals. We're a reasonably priced consulting group that believes that we don't need to charge a fortune to ensure success. We love what we do and it shows in our long term relationships with our clients.